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by on April 6, 2019

I love to travel, and when I do get a chance to leave my hometown, I love going to places that are different from where I live. Different meaning in climate, culture, food and ecosystems.

With travel, we get the great benefits of discovering a new place, meeting new people, learning about a new culture, going on an adventure, or just relaxing and taking it all in. No matter what the style of travel, I always have a travel first aid kit that has come in handy more than once.

Here what I like to bring with me:

Travel Probiotics* – To help keep my digestion on track and prevent traveller’s diarrhea, I love using a probiotic. HMF Travel by Genestra works like a charm, and I especially love it because it doesn’t have to be refrigerated. I start taking these 1 week to 10 days before leaving, 1 capsule every day while I’m away, and for about a week after I get home.

D-mannose* – Many women are prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs) when travelling. The slight dehydration, different foods, etc. D-mannose is a cranberry extract which is a great trick for urinary tract infections cause by E. coli, which is the most common bacteria causing UTIs. It typically comes in a (naturally) sweet tasting powder that dissolves well in water, making it very easy to take.

Nuun electrolyte tablets – these make a tremendous difference for jet lag and fatigue from sitting in the sun for too long! They are also pretty tasty! These are available online (I’ve purchased them on Amazon before) and in some health food stores. Air travel is extremely dehydrating, which is exacerbated by landing in a hot climate. Staying hydrated when flying and when travelling is one of the greatest discoveries I made in terms of feeling energized and staying healthy. (I have no affiliation with this company, I just really like their product!)

Ginger capsules* – great for nausea, travel sickness and doubles as a great anti-viral and digestive aid for any indigestion. 

Digestive enzymes* – when I travel, I usually eat outside of my normal diet. This means more of the foods that I have a hard time digesting (fried foods, bread, meat). A digestive enzyme really makes a difference for heartburn and bloating that I get from these foods.

Herbal antibiotic/antiviral* – I love having one of these on hand in case I catch anything such as a cold, urinary tract infection There’s nothing worse that getting sick on vacation. I use Candida SAP because it has a combination of really good antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal herbs. It’s also easy to take, way less harmful to the gut flora than an antibiotic and fairly safe to take. Make sure you take this one with food though

All purpose salve – for cuts, scrapes and bug bites.

Aloe vera gel – for those sunburns that are that much easier to get as we get close to the Equator. This is one that can typically be easily found in local shops or fresh leaves in markets, but I like to have some on hand just in case!

Red or Greens Powders* – if I know I’m going to be low on fruits and vegetables – I find this really makes a difference in my energy, digestion and just how I feel overall!

Chia seeds, flax seeds or psyllium husks – So many people experience travel constipation. Having extra fibre is definitely important, along extra water. My personal preference is psyllium husk as I find it works better for me. But it’s harder to find if you don’t bring it with you.

Magnesium citrate* – Magnesium is helpful to get a deeper sleep, muscle spasms, and headache prevention. In the Magnesium citrate format, it’s also helpful to get things moving when. 400 to 600mg per day, along with lots of water and some fibre from the seeds mentioned above can do the trick for constipation.

Essential oils – I usually bring Peppermint for headaches, a digestive blend for indigestion, Tea Tree oil for an antiseptic (sometimes I’ll add a few drops to my soap when washing my hands), and a nice smelling one just for fun! I usually avoid using these on plane though, just in case anyone is sensitive.

*In case you need to stock up on any of these, professional quality supplements available through my online dispensary.

If I could only pick one of these things (this is a tough decision) I would bring a probiotic.

Now, please note that these are great to have on hand and great to use, but if you do get sick, please see a doctor if needed.

I also realize the environmental impact of travel. It really hit me a couple of years ago in Cusco, Peru, when we kept buying these 4 Litre bottles of water to refill our bottles. The plastic accumulation is tremendous, and I had to find a better way.

Now I always travel with my SteriPen, a very compact water sterilizer which means that I can safely drink the same tap water the locals drink without the risk of drinking a little bug that will upset my foreign flora. I just fill up my water bottle, sterilize for about 1 minute and I’m good to go! It also works great for sterilizing stream water when hiking!

I also make sure to keep a reusable shopping bag for any purchases I make, eat in places where no plastic is used (as much as possible).

Since my last trip, really great shampoo bars have popped up, so I will definitely be travelling with one of these to avoid using the little shampoo bottles. In the past I’ve gone to a local shop to pick up a few basic toiletries, which usually does the trick for the duration of my stay!

If you’d like share any healthy travels tips you have, I’d love to hear! You can also check out my online dispensary for any travel essentials you may need!

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