Daily habits I changed to improve my health

by on July 22, 2018

From drinking more water to using a standing desk (Canada), here are a few simple things I’ve changed to increase my wellbeing, decrease back pain and improve my productivity.

Habits are part of our lifestyle, the things we do on a regular basis, and these habits have a significant impact on our health. In order to have good health, we must create healthy habits.

I have a few bad habits that I tend to fall into unless I am very mindful of breaking them. These include sitting for long hours, not drinking enough water and spending too much time in front of screens. Now, most of these are due to the nature of my work, but that just means that I have to work a little harder at them. Here are a few things that help me…

Sitting for long hours

When I sit for long hours without taking any stretching breaks, I get severe lower back pain and fatigue. I have to make sure I get a good amount of movement in my day in order to prevent this. One thing that has also helped me tremendously is a standing desk. I have been trying out of the Anthro Desk manual desk converter and it has significantly improved by back pain and posture. Check out their website for standing desk Canada. to see this and other great products!

For me, using a standing desk helps break the sitting and sedentary cycle that I get into when I work for many hours at a time. I’ve also found that working standing helps with fatigue, with in turn increases productivity.

Drinking more water

I really have to remember to drink enough water. This is a habit I always have to be mindful of. Dehydration happens fast and it leads to fatigue, difficult digestion and muscle aches. I always start my day with water and have water with me. This way, I know that I will have at least 2 Litres in my day.

Unplug from screens and electronics

Another habit of our time is too much screen time. I work on a computer and have social media  and email on my phone. I use these for work and can use that as an excuse to spend lots of time behind a screen, but it’s certainly not to my benefit.

Sleeping with my phone outside of my bedroom, setting times to check email and using screens as little as possible during weekends are small things I do to decrease my use of electronics. I find that when I do this, my productivity increases, my happiness increases, and my ability to concentrate increases. Just these few simple changes can make a big difference.

Of course, there are many habits that affect our health. These are just 3 that are part of a healthy lifestyle. They may seem simple, but they are powerful. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated, all we need are simple habits to help us stay balanced.


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